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count down

This is it. Finally it’s a countdown. I have exactly 20 days to go for submission of what at this pointing time referring to as my final dissertation. On Tuesday we have been told to submit the project for final comments from the supervisor and I still have a few things to do. It has been hard work, challenging and very difficult. As I have already mentioned in my other posting, it was hell but hey it’s a countdown.
I have managed to achieve some managerial, networking and social skills. The seminars and workshops have really boosted me up. Before I started this program I lacked some confidence and had poor presentation skills which I have managed to improve. For some reasons I will miss the debates....I mean the student
I met some interesting and funny characters some will remain friends for life while others were just academic friends.
I believe I have grown up a lot as a person and learnt a lot. Even though the program has taught me a lot but also contributed to my ba…

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